How to improve basic communication skills

As we know, communication is the key factor in every aspect of life from managing relationships to career building and from employees to entrepreneurs. Well, Basic communication skills include listening and understanding non-verbal cues including good oral behavior, thinking before speaking, clear speech, correct attitude in correct time, fine body language and so on.

Firstly, while starting a conversation you must observe the person, his body language and his vocal tone. It gives a good idea about how you both are going to start a communication. The basic communication skills include listening which is very important task of you want to have a successful conversation. You must practice listening and understanding their vision, message or what they want to say. If you cannot listen nicely, then you guys are going to develop a lot of misunderstandings a lot. Besides, you must also be able to understand non-verbal signals. The persons body language, facial expressions and gestures tell a lot about them. Good eye contact in essential and if there sis no good eye contact then there implies lack of interest in conversation. Well, before you speak you must think many times as possible. You should know what you are saying whether it is appropriate and meaningful to the listener or not. You must also think of how can you convey that message clearly to the listener. While speaking you must be clear. You must be brief and specific during conversations. You must not give or say unnecessary information to the person you are talking to or say little about it. The main objective of the conversation is to convey you r thoughts in a clear manner. So, you must take care of your words and the way of your speech too. Speak in a pleasant tone and in a slow manner. Never talk in a hurry. It makes you words unclear to the listener and makes you look immature and imperfect. You may maintain some occasional pause during your sentence. Along with clear speech you must have a right attitude. Your attitude determines how people perceive you. Good talkers have good and positive attitude. They also have an open mind. This is why good communicators can perceive people as their choice and reply accordingly. Good communicators also have right body language. Their postures, facial expression and hand gestures attract and make listener feel free and open minded. They avoid using closed posture such as slouching and crossing hand during conversations. They maintain eye contact with the other person too during conversation. During conversation distraction appear sometimes. Good communicators avoid these types of distractions as much as they can. In order to be a good communicator, you must build networks as much as you can. Building networks and talking to more and more people makes you a perfect communicator. Take part in every social events and activities and this will make you to meet people from different backgrounds and thoughts, open-minded or close-minded, like-minded or unlike-minded and many more. Meeting to a lot of people will help in your future career as well as build confidence too. Besides, doing all these the most important tips to improve basic communicating skills is to read. Read books, newspapers, magazines, novels and increase your vocabulary and know how to speak perfectly and clearly. While reading you must read it as loud as you can. This will help your voice to be clear and find your mistakes while reading while pronouncing sone difficult words. Finally, you will be good communicator when you will practice the above given tips more and more. If you have the fear of speaking then you must talk to more and more people so that you fell comfort and confident again when talking to people. You can also stand in front of a mirror and rehearse. The more you practice more perfect talker you will be. Try to talk with at least 5 people every day and you will be happier. Talk about trending issues, about international trade, share markets, some personal info, personal views about different topics and so on. Talk every day with every body in your workplace, with your boss, colleagues and families and think what you could have said and talked about. Read and find new subjects to talk about every day. This way you will be a perfect communicator.

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