Labor In Farm Needed

Labor In Farm Needed

Labor In Farm Needed – New Zealand

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A poultry farm in New Zealand needs labor who can take care of his farm. This is the largest egg and chicken supplier in Wellington.

The Company: Haden poultry farm is the largest supplier and one of the highest taxpayer and is known for giving the highest salary to its employees and selling in cheap price.

  • They provide shelter and food for free except salary to their employees.
  • They believe that more efforts will bring more profit.

The Position: As mentioned earlier, the farm is looking for labor. The pay range they are offering is $40,000 to $60,000.

  • Besides, they offer life insurance of about $100,000.
  • They also offer 10 days paid holiday.


  • Must be physically fit.
  • Must have taken Agro-based training on poultry farming.
  • Must be hard-working and diligent in fields.
  • Should be able to work being far away from family and friends (if not, your family must also work on the farm, THEY WILL GET SHELTER AND PROPER FOOD)


  • You must take care of the farm.
  • You must ensure the safety of the farmland and its premises.
  • You must be very careful with newborn eggs, pregnant hens and little chicks
  • Ensure that the birds have access to food and water
  • Check every bird carefully and make sure no one is injured or sick
  • Maintain the temperature of houses to meet the bird needs
  • Maintain lighting to meet the bird needs
  • Maintain a high standard of animal welfare

The Location: Haden farm is based in Wellington. This is a great place to live.

Labor In Farm Needed – Application Form

Why Should You Apply?

  • You are getting free shelter and food
  • You are having all sorts of insurance with wise salary
  • You don’t need to worry about work.
  • Your family is also getting free food and shelter.

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Labor In Farm Needed

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