How to apply from Sajilo Jobs?
-If interested for Jobs,

Go to our website (Sajilojobs.com)
Then choose any jobs that suit you.
Read the description carefully & at the end of the page there is link to post CV.
How much Placement Fee/ Service Charge?

-This is Free Recruitment. No placement fee. All the expenses (Tickets, Accommodation etc) by Company.

Link for Application Form & CV upload?
-Read all the text till the end inside the post. The link is hidden at the bottom of the post. If u read carefully and give some time, u will surely find the Application Form.

Why is Link hidden?
-If the candidates cannot even find link to the application form. How can we select them?

Why we do not provide mail id for CV?
We only accept CV from our website (Sajilojobs.com) along with Job Application Form not by

Email or phone calls or not even in Facebook.

Why we do not provide contact number?
-It is not possible to talk with more than thousand candidates each day. That is why; we do not provide our contact number to any of our candidate.

-As well as it is not possible to call candidates so; we do not call our candidates.

Do we have any agency?
-We collect CV from candidates and provide to our Clients. So, we do not have any agency. And we are totally online based.

How do I know if my CV has been sent or not?
-After you press submit button you will get confirmation mail from us.

– If you see “YOUR MSG SENT” after you press submit button and still did not get any confirmation mail then you do not need to worry your CV has been sent to us.

-But if u did not see “Your Msg Sent” u need to clear your browser and send again.

What after CV selection?
-If candidate gets selected for CV selection, he/she need to fill Pre-Interview Form

Pre-Interview form Result will be mailed to selected candidates.
What after Pre-Interview?

-If you get selected for pre-interview round, clients will contact you through phone call or E-mail.

There will be any Interview?
-Yes. If you get selected for all rounds, there will be Skype or Phone Call Interview.

Duration of Processing?
It takes about 3-6 months after all selection.

Is there any hidden charge or anything to lose?

-There is no any hidden fee or charge. Since, it is free recruitment. There is nothing to lose.

Why are we working for free?
We collect CV from candidates and forward to our clients. If they get selected, we get paid by our clients.

Why we do not disclose name of selected candidates?
We do not disclose the names due to privacy reason.