Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada. The city of Guelph is a dynamic network with more than 120,000 people located in central southern Ontario, just one hour from Toronto. Located in a pleasant characteristic environment, Guelph is known for its rich compositional legacy, its developing economy and its magnificent personal satisfaction: all valid justification for thinking about a vocation at this time. Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada.

Job summary

Guided by the objectives and destinations of the Strategic Plan of the City of Guelph and focused on the Corporate Values ​​of respectability, administration, incorporation, well-being and learning, the promising will help to achieve the Community Vision: an integral vision and associated vision, city prosperous where we take care of each other and our condition. Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada.

Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

System ID: 2020-2421

Job Type (EN): Contract

Job Industry (Choose up to 3 ventures) (EN): Government and Public Sector

Profession Level (EN): Entry Level

Job Function: Management, Manufacturing

Outer Company URL:


  • Provide superb cleaning management that includes, among others, tidying up, cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing, washing floors, mirrors and windows, entrances, windows, glass, cleaning bathrooms, bathroom appliances, shelves, tables, seats, rooms of work, service rooms, parking structure, kitchens, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, etc., and organization and expulsion of all rubbish.
  • Buy and store approved cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies and related equipment.
  • Keep all bathrooms, kitchens and bathrooms fully loaded with the correct items.
  • React to crisis, cleaning and spill and soak bath facilities as necessary.
  • Snow evacuation, salt walkways, pick up rubbish, raise and lower banners and change the lights.
  • Organize the sending and obtaining of material for different offices.
  • Help other colleagues in daily exercises, furniture movement, installation and disassembly for meeting rooms.
  • Perform minor jobs within an office situation, for example, painting, hanging pictures.
  • Help other colleagues with settings for unique occasions (sound frame, dray age, platform, elevators (etc.)
  • Work with City MMS framework work orders, work demands, purchase orders, time maintenance, etc.
  • Maintain the quality and safety of the office by adhering to the cleanliness of the structure and the predefined principles of work, maintaining all the necessary documentation of daily work.
  • Provide excellent customer service and advertising.
  • Perform other related obligations as assigned.


  • The experience identified with the obligations recorded above, generally obtained through the completion of a Grade 12 confirmation and a 3 to 6 month participation with the use of cleaning hardware / cleaning supplies and performing building maintenance exercises using small manual and force devices. Competitors with a proportional combination of instruction and experience can be considered.
  • Considerable permission from Class G drivers with a decent driving record. Successful newcomers must present a conceptual concept of the ebb and flow controller before their start date to affirm that their permit is maintained in favorable conditions and that it has not been suspended or denied under the Traffic Law (HTA) or the Criminal Code of Canada in the last 5 years. The City of Guelph will reflect on the number of bad mark foci, as well as the nature of the infractions, to decide if it meets our prerequisites.
  • Fundamental PC capabilities with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel).
  • Ability to manage internal and external contacts in a complacent and productive way.
  • You should have the option of performing boring physical work (for example, lifting, bowing, defecating, pushing and pulling with moderate effort).
  • Information on the Occupational Health and Safety Law.
  • You must have the option of working alone and with supervision.
  • Working emphatically and in co-activity with other colleagues is an important part of this position.
  • Great oral and compound relational skills.
  • You must obtain and maintain substantial first aid and CPR support.
  • Preparing cutting-edge WHMIS.
  • Information on cleaning items confirmed in green.

Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

Excellent salary package + overtime salary: $24.5 Per hour, rely on your work experience and position. Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada.

Benefits in the job:

Excellent salary package + overtime + food + accommodation + annual return ticket. Working hours will be 8 reliably. After 2 to 3 years, you can seek family public relations. Thank you. Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada.


>> $24.05 Per hour

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Qualified candidates can submit their application using our online application framework before Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Please note that all candidates must complete the explicit online survey of this situation when submitting their CV and letter of presentation to be considered. The confirmation of the capacities will be mentioned in the meeting stage.

The city of Guelph is an equivalent open-door manager who estimates a decent variety in the work environment. In this way, we are pleased to meet any individual need.

Individual data gathered through the enrollment procedure will be utilized exclusively to decide qualification for work. We thank all up-and-comers ahead of time; notwithstanding, just those being considered for a meeting will be reached.

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Carpet Cleaner Jobs In Canada

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