Cleaning Jobs In Australia

Cleaning Jobs In Australia

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ABOUT AUSTRALIA: Australia is a nation and continent encompassed by the Indian and Pacific seas. Its important urban communities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – are located at the water’s edge. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. The nation is known for its Sydney Opera House, its Great Barrier Reef, its huge wilderness called Outback and its unique species of creatures such as kangaroos and duck-laden platypus.

Cleaning Jobs In Australia

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Positions: –

  • Office Cleaner: 20 Nos.
  • Medical Clinic Cleaner: 30 Nos.
  • School Cleaner: 30 Nos.
  • Housekeeper: 30 Nos.

Period Of Employment

Worker full-time and unchanged (completely rotating), working 76 hours a fortnight, from the right moment.

Moving work without maintenance and without change (rotation), 7 days on 7 days of rest, at a rate of 53.2 hours per fortnight, as long as the weather permits

If you do not mind, please note that this registration process will also be used to fill fixed-term and easy-to-live open doors as soon as they appear.

Cleaning Jobs In Australia


Maintain a high requirement for cleaning in prescription territories, garbage disposal and tissue accumulation / diffusion.

Comply with general cleaning requirements, including floor and separator support in work areas, rooms, meeting rooms, squares and other affected areas throughout the clinic, as coordinated.

Cleaning Jobs In Australia


  1. You must be familiar and immaculate, recorded in English on paper.
  2. In case you are autonomous and sure that it will be gradually useful.
  3. You should be great with the individuals and their cooperation.
  4. If you have work experience, this will be your starting point.
  5. You must have your international ID.
  6. Their you should not have a criminal record.
  7. Your age must be over 22 and under 40 years old.
  8. You must be enthusiastic about working in groups and learning about our articles and our administrations.

Advantage in the Job: –

  • Salary package
  • Extra time
  • Annual vacation with plane ticket and bonus pay
  • settlement
  • Hours of work, well-being 8 hours a day
  • After the first contract, you can apply PR (permanent resident)

Flow the step for apply:

  • A photo in PP format must be 35mm / 45mm
  • The most recent CV (Vitae educational program) can be Word or PDF.
  • Substantial email identifier
  • Substantial passport

To Apply

Initially, each applicant must take cognizance of each of the subtleties and then satisfy each paradigm given, submit the capture and access the main menu for connection and …

Note: You will need to connect the following items:

  1. CV / CV
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of the highest certificate of studies

Browse all data carefully, then click here to submit your resume, do not submit counterfeit data, as you are deported ….

Note: Just choose the competitor’s call for the next phase, otherwise you will be able to apply. Job Family

Cleaning Jobs In Australia

Be Careful – Do not give subtleties to your bank or Visa when looking for positions. Cleaning Jobs In Australia.

If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to contact us. We are active at the first opportunity: (click here for: More Jobs)

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