Cruise Ship Jobs In United State

Cruise Ship Jobs In United State

Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States – Apply now

Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States. As a Deckhand with American Cruise Lines, you will be entrusted with the opportunity to assist with the tasks of the vessel, including the rudder, runner, and safety clocks. You will be part of an important group that will maintain and clean the pontoon and, at the same time, help with the main visitor administrations, for example, clothes, rubbish and luggage. Our Deckhand job offers vacancies and duties through marine duties. Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States.

At this time we will work close to our Captains and Companions prepared to help the boat operate easily and safely. Additionally, the Deckhands have a significant level of visitor cooperation and are entrusted to provide our visitors with unparalleled outstanding help. Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States.


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Joining our group will give you a top-down perspective on the travel business while you live and work aboard one of our ships within the navy. With 12 ships and more than 35 schedules, we offer the opportunity to visit probably the greatest and most famous places in the country. This position is a perfect method of gathering ocean time for a boss or specialist permit.

Within your work as a Deckhand, you will be part of our Milestone Maritime Program, which is our awards and recognition program that will help you reach your full potential. This is a 28-week transition work program that will remember you for each of your accomplishments on board as you gather your experience and time in the ocean, including rewards, salary increases, and coastal companies.

This work is critical to the fulfillment of our onboard tasks, and we will give you instruction and preparation with the ultimate goal to be fruitful both real and expert. Cruise Ship Jobs In United States.

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Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States For 2020


  • Security Guard
  • Control Room operator
  • Screeners
  • Shuttle Coach Driver
  • Store Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Chef or Cook
  • Waiter & Waitress
  • Accountant 
  • Ticketing Staff
  • Cleaners
  • Many More Jobs…..


  • Help the Captain and the Companion in the movement and guide of the ship.
  • Participate in docking tasks, including caring for lines, roads, hooks, etc.
  • Grandfather clocks: road and deck surveillance incorporating security, support and travel assistance obligations
  • Stack and empty travel luggage, transport stores, etc.
  • Maintenance of the boats that incorporates painting and cleaning of the docks and open territories.
  • Lifting lines and other overwhelming items.
  • Laundry
  • Maintain amazing customer support and an inspiring mindset towards all visitors and people on the team.
  • Different additional obligations that are identified with the route and treatment of the ship.


  • High school graduate
  • In any case, 18 years.
  • Genuinely solid, with resistance to work long periods of time
  • All around looking prepared and clean
  • Pleasant and friendly relational skills
  • Solid relational skills and the desire to learn.
  • School experience likes
  • US citizenship or legally approved to work in the United States
  • Ability to speak and compose the English language clearly
  • TWIC Preferred: click here for information on the best way to obtain your TWIC
  • Pre-employment drug test: Pursuant to Federal Law and the Department of Transportation, we are required to conduct a pre-business reassurance test of each representative on board. This incorporates tests for marijuana and other controlled substances. We are also a liquor free organization.


  • Earn money
  • Insignificant Expenses – Your daily costs are fully insured while installed. It is a quarter style condition.
  • Travel the country: We visit 30 states on our various trips and tour the most charming regions of our nation.
  • Oceanic and Hospitality Experience – This is a solid establishment for a profession in the friendliness business and an approach to pooling your time in the ocean for a permit.
  • Upward mobility: After your pivot, you can apply for full-time jobs in onboard or corporate management positions.

Cruise line Jobs In the United States

About Our Company: American Cruise Lines works in the largest and freshest travel armada in the United States. We offer several onboard positions that provide the opportunity to travel to the most fascinating targets in the nation, including the East Coast, the Mississippi River, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Make the most of this opportunity to gain a flourishing organization along with over 30 years of experience. Prepare lasting memories as you investigate the magnificence of America’s canals. Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States.

To become familiar with working with American Cruise Lines, including our Success Training Program and life on board, visit Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States.

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Cruise Ship Jobs In the United States – Apply Now

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