Current Opportunities In Poland

Current Opportunities In Poland

Current Opportunities In Poland. Finishing generators required for our 3D sand center assembly office in Estonia, OH! Do you prefer to work for an organization that thinks of its representatives? Do you strive to be the best at everything you do? In case you answered yes to one of these requests, at this stage, ask to join our group!

Hum town Products turns American assembly upside down in our 3D manufacturing office. Our gauges are high, but we realize that good competitors will have the opportunity to meet and exceed these guidelines! Current Opportunities In Poland.

We are a claimed family organization that values ​​the people who work for us as something beyond representatives. Each individual is an important player in our group of industrial athletes. We understand that it takes expertise, inspiration and preparation to be effective in the current assembly condition.

We are currently looking for new colleagues to fill positions in our 3D production office completing sand centers for our clients in the foundry sector. These colleagues will work 6 hours a day 6 days a week and varying overtime. We currently have open positions on our morning, afternoon and midnight shifts.

In order to be considered for a situation with our 3D office, you should have the opportunity to work weekends and varying occasions. Current Opportunities In Poland.

Benefits available to full-time colleagues after the trial period: Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life, AD&D, Disability, Flex, Free uniforms, Safety shoe reimbursement program. Another interesting advantage: free snacks for employees were given nearby. Current Opportunities In Poland.

Our goal: “Make it safe, do it well, do it above the rate.”

Current Opportunities In Poland

3D production / finishing work functions:

  • Finish the centers by performing tasks such as recording, grinding, pasting, gathering, diving or potential naming
  • Protecting a quality item is finished with customer details at the most ideal rate of creation
  • Bundle centers according to the general inclination of the client
  • Save checks and times
  • Recognizable rounded evidence labels
  • Help the administrator of the center machine to efficiently create a quality center at the prices displayed or above and inform the administrator of any generation / quality problem
  • Help the central machine administrator to clean up the workstation
  • Perform varying bar and snare bends for center generation
  • Help employees as prepared and approved
  • Play the obligations of the forklift generation administrator
  • Encourage friendly exchanges within the movement and between shifts
  • Respect safety rules, working methods and strategies in accordance with preparation / directives
  • Communicate productively and sustainably with collaborators and supervise to ensure that jobs are done effectively
  • Different obligations as designated

Skills and training requirements for 3D production workers / finishers:

  • Basic reading and math
  • Willing to understand and follow guidelines and methodology
  • PC ready to use (or find out how to do it as such)

Worker / finisher in 3D production Physical skills required:

  • Walk and represent large periods
  • Move with coordination and ability
  • Mount stools and stairs and be open to work from statures
  • Have the manual capacity expected to use hand instruments
  • Work in restricted regions and unbalanced positions
  • Have an excellent visual perception (authorized repair focal points)
  • Lift a normal 30 pounds. Every day

Previous creative experience is attractive, but redundant.

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Current Opportunities In Poland

What is our identity

Our qualities are quality, integrity and innovation, and safety is our first need. Hum town Products, a family business founded over 50 years ago, is dedicated to serving the foundry with the best imaginable items. Hum town has gained notoriety for its eminent know-how and tender care. Our essential element is a stand center, which is a section used in launching and finishing procedures to provide interior depressions. Our centers contribute to the assembly of parts and hardware used in different business groups, including agriculture, automotive, development, manufacturing. Current Opportunities In Poland.

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