Essential Skills to get hired

Greetings job seekers! Hunting for jobs? But not confident for lacking some essential skills? Here are some essential skills that you must master to instantly get hired. Instead of the degree you got from your university, there are other skills thar are essentially required for the perfect completion of your job. If you find it valuable let jump into it.

  1. Good communication skills
  • You can only imagine how essential is a good communication required for every job in the universe. Knowing how to talk to people, influence and attract them, getting better deals, satisfying your customers, flatter your boss and increase your productivity all comes under good communication skills. This includes verbal and written communication as well as listening carefully to other. Being clear, concise and able to tailor your idea to the audience and listening to their comments will add value to your hard-work. Working on your body language will enhance your communication skill and will provide more positiveness to the audience. Good communication skill is very useful in every job as well as every aspect of life. Let us take an example of a salesman where his good communication skills may bring new customers and new deal promising the maximum profits to his/ her company as well as for a receptionist where a good communication skill or well greetings attract and satisfy customers to a lot extent. So, if you want to get hired instantly and be a reliable employee, work on your communication skills.


  1. Continuous pursuit of knowledge
  • Dear reader, the world is changing. Every day every minute new methods and new technologies are introduced for completion of task. So, what you learn is never enough. You must be adaptive. You must develop a mindset to learn new things every day. Think of the highly paid jobs that are at the top of the world in the present situation. Those billion-dollar brands like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Ali baba, which even didn’t exist few years ago now are the topmost organizations of the world holding the foundation of the world economy. These are the topmost brand because the founders of them have the mindset and the capabilities to learn new things every single day and continually apply new techniques. The new skill, new knowledge you gain will provide you the new opportunities and more money. The highly successful people you see today like bill gates, Elon musk, Oprah, Jos Bezos continuously learn and apply new technologies to their work. As warren buffet says,”The more you learn, the more you earn”, so focus on learning new things every single day. Learn about share markets and investment for multiplying your income, the revolution in modern technologiesto make your daily activities easier and keep up with current affairs to know what happening in the world. Read self-help books, novels and biography of inspirational people for motivation.


  1. Teamwork skills
  • It is all about working without obstacles with efficiency in a group. In order to work in a group or a team, you must have the ability to encourage and inspire your colleagues and workmates focus on their work and work as a team for the optimum use of your skills and ability and for the sake of your organization. You must be able to forgive and forget all the mistakes of your member in case you are the leader of your team. You must be able to compromise your ego and have some emotional intelligence to understand the working abilities and methods of your members for perfect outcome. If you have been to a sports club or worked in any organization as a volunteer during your school times, then you must have already gained a good team work and interpersonal skills. Instead, following civil societies, working in a group in society, actively taking part in social and cultural programs also enhance team work.
  1. Time management
  • Everyone should how to manage their time. Not being able to manage your time can be chaotic for you and your organization. Knowing how to manage your time saves it and makes you more productive including the finalization of your task effectively adding maximum merits to your workplace. Besides, time management helps balancing your professional and personal life. Giving you full energy to your work is as important as giving time to your family and friends and balancing your life. Also, time management makes you set your priorities and know your extreme needs along with the actions you must take to reach towards your goal. You can make a to-do list (a list of tasks to be completed in time) to set your priorities and complete them in time. Manual time tracking or Automatic time tracking are also the way to manage your time effectively. The new technology have made it more easier as you can use different apps provided by the tech companies for time tracking and keeping you activities up to date.
  1. Problem Solving
  • Problem solving is the most important skill required in any job. It is all about thinking logically, analyzing the situation and coming up with an intelligent solution of it. You must have good analytical skills, creative thinkingcapacity and adaptability and flexibility for tackling and solving a problem successfully. Besides, you must also have the ability of reassess when the first plan of yours doesn’t work. You can assess you Problem solving skills by asking to the seniors, by presenting yourself in a hypothetical situation and learning from them, learning from the mistakes and practical application of it. This type of skill is very use full in almost every kind of jobs. For a computer programmer or a coder, problem solving should flow in his/ her blood i.e. he/ she must have a good problem-solving skill.
  1. Basic computing:
  • In this era of science and technology, basic computing is the skill that is required in every job from a simple peon to highly skilled profession. Keeping records, tracking activities, financial transactions, etc. everything are done inline nowadays. So, you must know basic computing that includes the use of google, MS package, internet banking, emails and so on.

Therefore, the above-mentioned points are the important skills you didn’t have until you read this article. Besides, negotiation, leadership, Organization and confidence are the key factors to be the perfect employee for an employer. Hope you develop these skills and get your job more faster and get it done perfectly.

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