From an employee to an employer, A Journey

From an employee to an employer, A Journey

From an employee to an employer, A Journey

Hi guys! How are you? Are you fine? Are your family members doing well? How are you doing in this quarantine? Are you doing your job well in this quarantine? 

Wait for what? I just heard you saying that you lost your job during COVID-19? So sad ☹☹ to hear. Well, don’t worry because you can read Why not work from home During COVID-19 to get knowledge of jobs you can do at home in this quarantine. Also, look at part-time online jobs that will pay you extra so that you can earn in this quarantine situation. Besides, you may also have a glance at online or offline jobs, which is better

Well, many of you reading this are employees. Many of you would also wish to be employers. Am I right? If I am right, and you want to be an employer, read this article about an imaginary person’s life. Also, get ideas about the struggles and hard work you have to do to fulfill your dreams. From an employee to an employer.

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I was born on the eastern side of Nepal, in Bhatnagar. In a middle-class family where my dad was a primary level teacher in a small private school, it was very hard for us to live decent lives. My family had to starve from the very beginning of my birth. It was not easy for us to pay our household bills. In my childhood, I did not have those cool toys to play like other children in my community.

I did not have any freedom to play outdoor. Maybe it was so because my parents were aware of my safety, and we did not use to have enough money for treatment. Or maybe some other reasons I don’t know till now. From an employee to an employer.

Besides all of my struggles, a bright side of my life was my studies. From my childhood, I had a sharp brain and had quite good ranks and positions in exams. My parent had already prepared in my mindset to study more and more so that I could get good scores and get a decent job. And I, too, was much more fascinated by this principle. So, I was set for being an employee than an employer

As time passed, and I grew up older as a teenager, my mindset, habits, and behaviors were changed. My mindset to live a decent life which was taught by my parents was destroyed. Now, I wanted to be the boss, the leader, and live a successful life. But it was like going to hell to start any business for a poor person like me. My family and I did not have any capital sources to start any franchise. There were no options left for me besides doing a job. From an employee to an employer.

So, when I was in my middle teens and was studying in high school, I started working as a content writer. I used to write news, tech articles, and blog as per my interest. At first, I used to get no salary. I worked without any money for a year for many clients. Then, I had my first Rs.100 after I wrote about artificial intelligence for a tech reviewing website. Then, I started getting more and more orders for my content. They stated that my contents had useful information.

However, my contents were not much SEO-friendly and were turned down. After some time, I was getting fewer orders and I knew it was the time to improve my writing. Then after, I read about 100 books to improve my grammar. I scrolled a thousand times and clicked over hundreds of websites to gain knowledge about SEO techniques. Moreover, I put a lot of effort into my work and got one step ahead when I realized this was not the work I was born to do. Then I started working in different fields and started finding the meaning in my work.

When I was in my early 20s, I found that I was quite good at hacking systems and web designing. I loved doing these works. So, I shifted my focus from other works towards hacking and web designing. I started designing a lot of front-ends of my own. This was not for any client or any organization. These were my home projects and nothing to do any money. I also used to hack my friend’s social media account to test my skills. It took me about 2 years to master these subjects.

These two years were very difficult for me to live. I did not have any job in my hand. No jobs mean no money. Now you can imagine how difficult my life was without money and also my parents were poor so no help was expected from them. Thanks to my friend Mr. Roshan, my college mate who helped e financially during these two years. In these two years, I went over 200 training sessions on hacking and web design, numerous webinars, and tutorials. I spent a lot of money on learning these two skills. I was in hope that I would get a better job or I would open a company. From an employee to an employer.

Just opposite of my whims, my situation started deteriorating. Neither I get an any better job nor I could establish any company for more than a year. I was frustrated a lot with my failure. I was demotivated. Everybody including my parent started losing hope from me. I started thinking that content writing was better. And finally, I was back to the same work. From an employee to an employer.

I again started writing content for a particular company. I used to earn 20,000 a month. I got my condition improved. Still, I was an economic crisis. I was in debt. I had to return my friend who helped me during my two years of learning. Being an employee was not easy for me. I used to get a lot of works and was scolded by the boss every time. I had a lot of pressure. I did not have the guts to leave my job and finding a better one because I had already gone through one-year unemployment. That is why I was obliged to work there is a very less salary.

And after a half-year of my job, I took the risk. I left that job and finally decided to establish my own company. So, I started a web developing and designing company. Firstly, this turned out to be a big failure for everybody as well as for me too. I did not get any orders. No, any customers believed in my company. But I was not going to take any step back. From an employee to an employer.

I continued and finally, after a couple of months, I got an order for a school website. As this was my first project, I was too much committed to this project. I did this project at my best and this was the turning point of my life. After the great success of this project, I was slapped with more projects. I started getting orders 24/ 7. I needed employees for my company. And very soon I cleared my debt from my friend. My condition improved a lot. I became an employer from an employee through my greatest efforts.

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So, guys, this is my journey from an employee to an employer.

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