High paid jobs in Nepal

High paid jobs in Nepal

High paid jobs in Nepal

Hi reader! High paid jobs in Nepal. You probably have known that Nepal is a fast-growing country in the world in terms of economy. It is due to the rapid creation of job opportunities in different niches. Yes, it is true that in Nepal, more than 100,000 people have got a job for their livelihood within a year. Many have also got the most high-paid jobs concerning their qualification and experience in the field. Also, many international organizations regularly seek cheap but talented employees for their office.

Besides, the number of industrialization percentage has also been increased since the new year. However, due to quarantine, the economy is lagging day-by-day. But not a great deal, they will overcome as soon as quarantine is over. High paid jobs in Nepal.

Okay now coming into the subject, I want to make sure that this year you must have got a high-paid job as you are reading my previous articles, and you are a highly-qualified influential person. But what? You are saying that you haven’t got any of them till now? You are not even reading my articles yet? Poor ☹. What? Some of you are saying you have a job, but it doesn’t seem to inspire you.

You don’t think that your current job will fulfill your dream life. If you remain in that category, then look here. You have been brought some high-paid jobs with their qualifications and required experience. Many more Online jobs – Apply Noe

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number one: Engineer

The engineer is the most reputed and highly paid jobs in Nepal. You can easily obtain a salary of 50,000 or more after 1-year of working experience. Besides, you can get other luxury and comforts from the company if you are an engineer for that company. You must also know that more than 800 civil engineers pass out every year in Nepal.

From them, about 500 get governmental jobs, whereas others either remain unemployed or get engaged in private company jobs. Some even wait for a year and again try for a governmental job. But for an IT engineer, it is not the same. For an IT engineer with high skills, you can easily get a job with a high salary in a reputed company with at least a year of experience.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number two: Financial manager

The financial manager earns as much as Rs. 1,117,00 per month. For being the financial manager of that level of salary, you ought to have a good educational level in accounting and business and must have a master’s degree in account sector. In addition to this, 10–15 years of experience must be gained for a high salary.

Financial managers have the responsibility of overseeing the finances of companies, agencies, and everything between them. Financial managers also co-ordinate on accounting and producing financial reports, profit projections along with cash-flow statements and comply with various laws and regulations on financial issues.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number three: Physician-Generalist

Medical field jobs are quite popular in Nepal. Doctors, nurses are a common attraction for youngsters here. Complying with the trend, Physician or Generalist is also one of the high paid profession in Nepal. You can easily earn up to 80,000 in reputed hospitals and clinics here. Besides, doing this job requires an experience of at least 2 years and a medical certificate of being a qualified physician. These will gradually uplift your level and make you overcome financial status in a short period.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number four: Web designer

Web designing is one of the most recreational and enjoyable jobs in the world. Also, In Nepal, it has a good scope. As a web designer, you can earn as much as 45,000 a month. For this, you ought to have a 4-years bachelor’s degree in the IT field. You don’t need any experience, however awesome designing skill and capacity is required.

To be a web designer, you ought to know a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular JS, and similar. Besides, having good knowledge is also a fruitful skill.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number five: Architect

The job of an architect is also one of the best jobs in Nepal. You can easily earn about 50,000 every month with several luxuries. It requires a bachelor’s degree in Architect Engineering and a 1-year experience to hold the job with that much salary.

An architect designs plan and oversees overall buildings, construction works, and so on. Architecture practice also focuses on providing services related to designs and providing spaces too.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number six: CEO

Being the CEO of a company is the highest ever paid job along with the company provided luxuries. You will earn a sum of Rs. 1,00,000. But, to hold the position of CEO, you ought to have an experience of 13 years or more in your field. Holding the post of CEO is one of the most responsible posts. You ought to manage the overall operations of the business as a CEO. A small mistake or a wrong decision may lead the whole company to bear a great loss. That is why you must have experience of a lot of years to hold this post.

High paid jobs in Nepal, job number seven: assistant CEO

Assistant CEO is similar to the job of a CEO. It is as responsible as the responsibility of a CEO. However, holding this post does not require many years of experience. An experience of 2 years in your field is enough to give you the post of assistant CEO. But you must make a lot of effort to reach this post. You will be earning as much as the CEO i.e. Rs. 1,00,000 as an assistant CEO.

So, these were the seven high paid jobs in Nepal we brought for you. You can choose one of them that suits your degree, interest, skill, and ability. You can contact s for similar jobs, too. We ensure you to provide a job that suits your integrity. Direct Apply

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