HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI || Top average salary $50,500

HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI || Top average salary $50,500


Highest paying jobs in Dubai is a compiled list of result achieved by doing research on the topic by our very own Sajilojobs Team and is one of the most effective article on the web. Many of you settle for less though you have knowledge and potential to get any jobs you desire. We care about our readers and always try to create article that has some value and will be helpful to the readers. Now without wasting time let’s move into the Highest paying jobs in Dubai


 Average salary: AED 60,900 ($16,600)

Dubai is known for its oil growing business, from which it generates a lot of revenue. Today Dubai is known for its tourism, aviation and real estate business. So business across all the areas needs some individual to manage it financially, so there is need of accountant. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

They should be good with basic mathematics as well as must be familiar with different software and databases. Modern Accountant requires sound knowledge is thinking and analyzing of database. They must be also able to solve critical financial related problem and should be able to manage the transactions without any hustle. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

One must be aware that Dubai is not the only option to start their accounting career. Nowadays, several companies hire a Chartered Accountant or a certified account. Your chances are also high if you are in the profession since long time. It’s absolute that a chartered Accountant or certified accountant will be paid more than a general accountant. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

Mechanical Engineer

Average salary: AED 79,300 ($21,600)

Today Dubai is all about engineering solutions and engineering is one of the most desired jobs in Dubai. Mechanical Engineer Design, research and aviator all the things. The city manufacturing and oil based companies provides lots of career options but with the extremely high skills and qualification as well as experience. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

Mechanical Engineer can also have good career on construction companies, including heating and air systems, elevators, electrics generators. They can also get opportunities on various medical industries related to the design of medical devices and equipment.

Only required thing is mechanical engineering degree and many students also go and collects Master degree also. One should be a critical thinker, should have problem-solving skills. If you have all these capabilities, you can kick off your career.

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Electric Engineer

 Average salary: AED 85,000 ($23,100)

An electrical engineer works side by side a mechanical engineer, who designs and builds electrical components which are designed by mechanical engineers. Apart from that they can also work in telecommunication and navigation systems for designing, implementing of the products.

Electrical engineer requires technical as well as soft skills also. They also required circuit designing, coding along with problem-solving , communication and creativity.

 The highest paying job in Dubai Requires Bachelor degree in required field from any of the recognized university.

Human Resource Professionals

Average salary: AED 91,800 ($25,000)

 Human resource job is one of the most valued job in Dubai. Right selection of individual may lead to achieve company goals quickly or may lead to bad positioning of company. So it is one of the tough job also. Many companies pay huge amount of money to HR to bring the best suitable candidate in their companies.

Human Resource job in Dubai requires high qualification and should be expertise in that field. Most importantly, it requires analyzing and decision-making capabilities that what they find in that ideal candidate.

One should have completed Bachelor in Management Or MBA are highly preferred. Mostly Companies has in house HR, if not they hire external agencies.

Civil Engineering

Average salary: AED 97,000 ($26,410)

Dubai is beautifully designed modern city, a true example of designing works, architectural design which wouldn’t be possible without civil engineers. One of the tallest buildings in the world, the largest shopping complex in the world, man-made islands that astronauts can view from space which is amazing. It is the civil engineers who are responsible for the designing of it physically and structurally, mapping its strength, environmental aspects, viability which has played huge role in the development of Dubai Cities.

They are the backbone of the country. Exceptional buildings breathtaking designs, organized landmarks are the examples what role does civil engineer have done in Dubai. To get the project, one most either Dubai permanent residual or one most has done exemplary work in the field of construction.

Civil engineer needs at least a bachelor degree in a related field, but a master is often preferred. Also, some companies may want your “Society of Engineer-UAE” membership.

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Project Engineer

Average salary: AED 122,000 ($33,200)

 To be a project engineer, one must have a degree of engineer in any related field. Here role of the project engineer is regulating budget, coordinating with teams, solving the project related problems. Project Engineer inspect all the undergoing projects and keeps it up to mark. Project Engineer should be expertise in maintaining the time and submitting it in time.

A degree related in any area and hands-on experience in required for this job.

Project engineer coordinates which with every department as well as being the leader requires authentic interpersonal skills and strong leadership.

One of the most reputed job n Dubai is Project Engineer. So people from the certain nationalities or the creamy person who has studied in reputed university are more chance in this type of job.

Business Development Manager

Average salary: AED 185,400 ($50,500)

 Business Development Manager helps the company in every aspect of the way. They are responsible for expansion of company profile and managing the client’s list. They are a main person who leads sales and marketing team and also takes lead on finding and facilitating new business relationship as well as maintaining a good relationship with existing clients. Business Development Manager should be highly skilled in Negotiation with client. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

Company in Dubai Prefers the candidate from their region who has done this job before in Dubai only. Fluency in Arabic and English is required for this job. HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN DUBAI.

An individual who has prior experience in sales and marketing may also apply for this job. In Dubai one most have Bachelor degree in Business, sales and marketing or Masters in related field are preferred.

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