House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia

House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia

House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia

House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia. Hello everyone, welcome to another job vacancy post on our website for house cleaners. We are a job vacancy blog where we post job vacancies from all over the world. Today in this article we present you a House cleaner vacancy post in Melbourne, Australia. This post contains all the information regarding the vacancy and guides you to apply properly. Without further ado, let’s see what are all the requirements needed before applying. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

About Regal Care:

Regal Care is a purpose-driven business offering home care services in the Greater Melbourne Region. We are an ISO 9001-certified registered NDIS provider. We are also approved to provide Work Safe, TAC, and other home care services. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

Regal Care is one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing and most popular Home Care agencies, and we are a registered NDIS provider from Australia. At Regal Care, we follow all the guidelines and provide the best safe working environment for both our employees and clients. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

We at Regal Care are now looking for Candidates who share our values regarding Reliability, accessibility, empathy, genuineness, and qualities of good leadership. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

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Job Overview:

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Company Name: Regal Care Pty. Ltd.

Work Timing: 3 Days a week.

House cleaner Responsibility:

House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia. Individual house cleaning contractors also referred to as Private House Cleaners should be able to help our clients and perform various tasks required such as:

1) Dusting and Vacuuming rooms, carpet, and floors.

2) Mopping the floors and grounds.

3) Sweeping the rooms and dusting tables, chairs, and other structures present inside.

4) Removing cobwebs and any other unwanted webs.

5) Kitchen works: Cleaning kitchen, washing and cleaning dishes, cleaning the basins, sinks, microwave and fridge.

6) Emptying trash and refilling it with plastic bags.

7) Cleaning the oil stains from the wall and stove.

8) Organizing kitchenware.

9) Cleaning Doors and windows glass, yards, and highly disinfecting areas.

10) In case of any Pet owners, cleaners should be able to :

  1. a) Empty Kitty Litter and Replacing Kitty litter,
  2. b) Cleaning Pet’s food bowls,
  3. c) Removing pet’s hair and waste from floors.
  4. d) Cleaning any other pet wastes.

House Cleaners Requirements:

1) Private house cleaner contractors are requested to provide all the equipment and products required to work at customers’ residency. Regal care will provide an allowance to cover all the expenses done for cleaning products and equipment, along with an hourly cleaning service rate. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

2) We are looking for an ideal candidate who would be required to have as much attention to detail as possible.

3) All of our candidates should be well-focused on cleaning and should provide the utmost commitment possible to all the working arrangements.

4) Our candidates could be anyone with proper knowledge of cleaning and maintenance, as long as you are flexible for freelancing jobs.

5) Students with flexible timing can also apply for this job.

House Cleaners Qualification:

1) No need for any academy qualification.

2) Must be good in both written skills and verbal Communication skills.

3) Candidate should be a quick learner and should be able to process information quickly.

4) Candidates must be residents of Melbourne or should have rented a place to stay in Melbourne.

5) Candidates should pass the NDIS screening Test.

Remuneration for House Cleaners:

1) We at Regal Care always give priority to our workers and provide wages more than awarded wages and also provide some generous amount or service as allowances.

2) Not just wages, but we also do provide 10% of additional allowances for all of our workers. Please keep in mind that the provided salary consists of all basic wages, allowances, and super allowances.

3) The provided allowance also consists of transportation allowances, vehicle allowances, and cleaning allowances.

4) We also provide additional part-time work as a part of our permanent part-time workers if workers complete their assigned tasks before the deadline, and we will provide our workers with all the benefits like paid seminars and the best training sessions.

Saying that, you can rest assured we take the utmost care of our workers and are willing to give you the best treatment possible.

Selection Criteria of House Cleaners:

1) We request our workers/candidates that they should be able to demonstrate their best ability for analyzing and performing all the tasks assigned to them and make detailed reports.

2) All the workers/candidates should be able to meet and compliance the qualification criteria referred to as responsibility and requirements in this job vacancy post.

3) All the workers/candidates should pose experience or should have worked as house cleaners in the related field.

4) All the workers / Candidates should be able to give a minimum of 3 Days a week for us, which will also ensure workers complete the assigned task in the given time.

5) All the workers should have their own vehicles and should submit all the registration documents such as Registration documents, vehicle insurance documents, and tax clearance documents.

6) All the workers/candidates should pass the NDIS Worker screening check before getting their first contract / before joining us.

If you believe that you are the perfect candidate for this job, then feel free to go through all the detailed descriptions provided in this article. They should be able to follow the given instructions properly. They should be able to work without creating any disturbance to the owners. We request you submit all the experience documents and other documents with original scan copies. We will take care of all of our workers as long as they work as assigned. House Cleaners Job Vacancy in Australia.

How to apply :

Please mail your latest resume to, mentioning your name in the subject field of your mail.

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