How to avoid common job interview mistakes?

job interview mistakes

How to avoid common job interview mistakes?

Many candidates got rejected due to their skill in the required job post due to common interview job mistakes that they make. Continue reading to avoid the silly mistakes that could affect you. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Hello jobseekers! So, you have got a fitting job, and you are enthusiastic about your interview next week. Am I right? Reasonably, you are apprehensive and planning for the interview but still don’t acknowledge how to give your kindest? Don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you increase your chances to avoid common job interview mistakes and progress you to get maximum probability in landing the job.

Job interviews are not to be taken too gently. It’s more than just a simple conversation. You are being assessed by the company, either you are responsible enough to be a part of their company. But, a lot of people seem to ruin their distinct opportunities due to common interview job mistakes, even though they may have the skills. It is so because they make a few simple and avoidable mistakes. Get more jobs.

How to avoid common job interview mistakes?


This is one of the most made errors when you go for a job interview. You must do a proper analysis of the company you are about to work with. What if the interviewer questions you anything very basic about their company, and you can’t answer them? That would only be very embarrassing. It will also leave a bad impression. It’s not only company information. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

You have to prepare well on how you will answer if the interviewer asked about anything related to the job description, job role, skills, why they should hire you, what you can endeavor, and so on. So, if you want to avoid common interview job mistakes, all you have to do is use some time surfing the web and collecting information in the company that will help you present yourself better. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Outfit choice

You should be aware of what you are wearing to the interview.

Casual dressing is not permitted for any job interview, as it makes you look less able and less perfect for the job. However, it depends on the place you are going. Sometimes, you can even rock a casual look. It is when you are going to clubs, pup, Business pubs, etc. But the best dress up is dressing up like the company’s dress. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

The best way to know about the dress code of the company you are interviewing for is to look at their social media or website. It may have photos from events, get together, team gallery, or anniversary pictures. If not, then work your networks. Find someone already working there and get to know about it from him/ her. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Still, if you don’t know what to wear, just put on your formal clothes and look presentable. After all, the first impression matters a lot. You can put on some navy blue pants and a coat with a white shirt and a nice piece of a tie. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Scrutinizing past or present employers

People get influenced to speak trash about their former or contemporary employer because they think it will impress the interviewer by making them feel like a better company to be addressed. But, this is awful. No one likes a person who badmouths others, be it people or a company. Just keep it to yourself, you don’t need to express what is not necessary. Employers will get the idea that you are probably judgmental and might talk behind their back if they hire you. So, the wise thing to do is to speak healthy of the people you work with or have worked with if the topic comes up naturally. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Unwanted bragging

There is a tenuous line within being humble and boasting. Many people fail to apprehend this. It’s okay to talk about your achievements and your skill set. But also remember the other person does not find it vexatious to listen to your endless self-glorification.

The interview indeed aims to sell yourself, but never exaggerate it by adding unwanted remarks that only seem to reflect how great you are or how lucky they would be to have you in the company. With this in mind, you are good to go. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Being too casual

It’s good to show you are relaxed at the interview, but it does not mean you behave like the interviewer is your best friend or colleague. If he/ she is one of them, then also be formal and give them their respect as the interviewer. Don’t wreck it by bringing up your personal life. Keep a pleasant conversation but try to avoid making the interview seem like a family picnic where you are talking about anything you like.

Just because there is pause or stillness in between, you don’t need to load it with useless informal topics. Although, a little of humor won’t hurt the rules. As, a little of humor and friendliness will increase your rewards. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

Body Language

A good interview is not only about how you speak. Your body behavior and language also play a major role. Your physical expression matters equally. Like, how you greet the interviewer (i.e. firm handshake), your performance during the interview, your eye contact, action, etc. makes a tremendous disparity. You can look for tips to fix your body language and learn the psychology of it. How to avoid common job interview mistakes?.

For a good and assertive body language, you may follow these tips:

  • Walk confidently to the office
  • Greet everyone from the gate until you reach the office. You may have to greet a watchman, peon, other employees, etc.
  • While talking or greeting, your torso must face towards the person you are talking too.
  • While meeting a person at first, you must do a firm handshake.
  • After a firm handshake, you must have good eye contact for about at least 3–5 seconds. Be careful, not to stare people. Just have good eye contact.
  • Talk confidently. Your voice must be bold and manly. Your sentences must be assertive.
  • Your outfit must be professional. Do not wear extra accessories that will make you look duchy.
  • Look into the eyes of the interviewer while answering his/ her questions.

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So, guys, These are the common mistakes made by most job interviewees. Even the ones who have had experience with job interviews can disregard them. So, keep these things in mind, and best of luck for that job interview.

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