How to Find your Passion? Best Tips from Professionals.

How to Find your Passion

How to find your Passion? Best Tips from Professionals.

Howdy reader! What’s up? How is your quarantine going, hmm? Yah, as you are an astounding person, your quarantine must be going well. Am I right? What? You are saying that you have been so demotivated during this quarantine. Some of you are also saying that you are not as creative as you were.

You are worried about your future, too. Also, You are pondering about the job you lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, it is common to be anxious about the work you missed.

But remember you arrived at work tired from a restless night stewing about a high-stakes proposal or how to entreat for a well-deserved promotion. You didn’t have any engagement in the job. You didn’t have the real passion and enthusiasm in the work.

And now are you just stressed about that old job just because it was paying you enough for two times of food? Just because it would give you a small room for a shelter?

Hey, why would you even do so? Think something big. Dream big. The job or the work you were doing is over now. Now it is time for you to work on your passion. You ought to know what to do with your life, dear.

Now, you must find your passion. You have to make your passion your profession.

Do you remember when did you laughed at your workplace from the bottom of your heart? Do you remember when did you have a 30-days paid vacation trip? Don’t you wish your job to offer you work flexibility, respect, and empowerment?

Your work was never restful. You had to work day and night working with your clients. You used to hammer out emails that began with an apology for the delayed response. Your workday just used to start, and you had already been overwhelmed.

Doesn’t it sound familiar?

Dear, you were suffering from a problem that I call work sickness.

The work sickness had infected you with the angst of job security and money. And now, you are free of that because you have already lost your job.

Dear reader, in this quarantine, you have got enough time to work on yourself. This time is the time you must spend on finding your passion and purpose in your life. That is why I have brought some ways you can find your enthusiasm and a purpose in life.

Find the work in which you get success

Passion comes from success. It is an inherent emotion that comes into play when you succeed in anything.

Imagine, you start app development, and find it easy. You find yourself growing better than others, and fast. This mounting excitement you feel is your passion. This passion makes you grow more, enhancing your skills and intensifying your strengths.

So, try different jobs and find the one in which you get success. If still, you could not find your passion, you may want to contemplate what you enjoyed doing as a child. Compose a list of the activities you enjoyed as a kid, from playing with legos to dressing up dolls and find out which of your venture relates today in the physical world.

If you loved building legos, then your passion may lie in architecture or construction. If you love dressing up dolls, then you may be a fashion designer. Take some childhood ventures and relate it to something that works in the physical world.

Identify your values

Your values are your core principles, beliefs, or ideas that are the most valuable to you. Defining your values can assist you to discover if you are passionate about your job, your field of study, or even your relationships. You can ask yourself some guiding questions to help identify your values. Those guiding questions are as follows:

  • Who are your role models?
  • Why do you admire them?
  • What traits do they substantiate that make you admire them?
  • Which moment was the most satisfying moment in your life?
  • Why was it the most satisfying moment?
  • If you had the authority to modify anything in your society or the world, what could it be?
  • Why would you improve that circumstance?
  • What issues or problems get you the most charged in conversation with others?

Look into the answers to these questions. These will take you towards your passion.

Create your passion

If you can’t find your passion create it. You can read books, consult with your parents, friends, and families, and explore yourself.

You may be surprised to know that many of the highly successful people in the world didn’t pick out the passion within themselves. They created their own. Moreover, many of them are college drop-outs. It is not because they were weak. It is because they saw opportunities in different sectors their colleges and universities could not give them.

It applies to you too. You ought to read biographies of different personalities, success and failure stories to know the hurdles of life. Besides, you must also widen your knowledge on various working fields. Also, you can gain experience with them.

This way, you can find your passion and purpose in life.

DO the 40/20

You should structure your time so that you work 40 hours, and also budget 20 additional hours outside your job to assemble your passion plan, develop and refine your brand (LinkedIn profile, résumé, etc.) and network and talk to everyone. You can take bold actions like making the calls you’ve always feared and developed ways to stand out from the crowd.

Look at the big picture

You must recognize the patterns and themes of your life. What have they made you do? What do others come to you for advice about? What comes as easily to you as breathing but is a struggle for others? These patterns will make you enable sorting out different problems of your life and work.

Most importantly, you must design your life about always being genuine to who you are and not who or what family, friends, teachers, and society show you that you should be. Only then you will find your passion. The more straightened your thoughts and beliefs are to your purpose and passions, the simpler it becomes to make decisions, anchor and reach goals, and keep “work sickness” away from contaminating your life again.

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