Marketing Intern Job Vacancy at Nestle Professional in Dubai, UAE

Marketing Intern Job Vacancy at Nestle Professional in Dubai, UAE

Marketing Intern Job Vacancy at Nestle Professional in Dubai, UAE

Hello everyone, Job Vacancy at Nestle Dubai, welcome to our new job vacancy post. Before applying to this job, if you read all the responsibilities desired for the candidate by the Nestle Professional Company, you will have a better chance of getting this job. Nestle is a global brand and has branches in over 85 Countries as of now. You will have plenty of learning opportunities in a global brand. There are certain criteria to apply for this job, so be careful and read all the details before applying to this post. A candidate who has all the qualities and qualifications will be shortlisted by the Human Resource team of Nestle professionals.

About Job Vacancy at Nestle Professional.

Nestle Professional is one of the best companies known as the creator of exceptional flooding experiences out of the home. We as Nestle professionals always focus on partnering in and expanding the business of all the people in the food and hospitality industry. Our Passion and mission are to make the food and beverage industry easily accessible. Job Vacancy.

Our company aims to develop good relationships with each and every partner and provide them with our global experience, sharing new and trending business ideas and analytics which will provide knowledge-full insight to our partners which will help them to achieve customer satisfaction with our products and brands. We are not just in the industry of foods and beverages, but onboard to deliver customer satisfaction to the greatest extent possible. Visit Job Vacancy.

Nestle is a company with 308,000 total employees and with a total number of 413 Factories within 85 Countries. The total sales estimated in 2018 were 91.4 Billion CHF sales. At Nestle, we believe that our employees are our important assets and do everything to provide you a world-class working environment with many opportunities. Learn more at Job Vacancy.

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Marketing Intern Job Vacancy at Nestle Professional in Dubai, UAE

Job Overview:

Location: Dubai, UAE.

Company Name: Nestle Professional

Internship Period: 6 months (Expandable)

Job Description: 

We are looking for an energetic candidate for the Internship in the Marketing Department of our company based in Dubai.

We are searching for an energetic showcasing Intern to join our Marketing office and give imaginative plans to assist with accomplishing our objectives. You will have managerial obligations in creating and executing promoting procedures.

As a Marketing Intern, you will work together with our promoting and publicizing group in all phases of showcasing efforts. Your smart commitment will help create, extend and keep up with our promoting channels.

This Internship will assist you with procuring promoting abilities and furnish you with information on different advertising systems. Eventually, you will acquire wide involvement with showcasing and ought to be ready to enter any quick-moving workplace.

We will be searching for the following qualities in interns:

1) Should be Energetic, focused, and a team player.

2) Should be able to develop and implement marketing plans.

3) Should be able to handle brand management projects for the designated regions.

4) Should be able to understand marketing trends, project management tools, and market data analysis.

5) Should be able to portray marketing intern roles to benefit the company.

6) Should be able to maintain good relations with superior officers and clients.


There are Three Main responsibilities to follow, which will be subdivided into further categories.

1) Operational support:

  1. a) Organize product-tasting events with the chef and provide chef feedback to the Internal operational team.
  2. b) Help the recipe management team with content creation.
  3. c) Organize/Help with Marketing Events.

2) Analytic Skills.

  1. a) Test different campaign effectiveness and share analytics with the internal team with insight.
  2. b) Help the data management team of Out of Home food trends.
  3. c) Evaluate Price analysis and portfolio gaps.

3) Digital management:

  1. a) Prepare and evaluate competitor marketing campaigns, and content, and come up with new ideas.
  2. b) Help to make Digital campaigns.
  3. c) Help E-to-E projects.


1) Under graduation Degree preferred in Food, Business, or marketing Field.

2) Candidate should be a quick learner and should be able to process information quickly.

3) Candidate should have excellent Written and Verbal communication skills.

4) Candidate should have both time management and project management skills.

5) Candidates should be UAE Residents or have Valid UAE visas.

6) Should be able to work full time for at least 6 Months.

Apply Now:

Before you apply, below are the frequently asked Questioned by the applying candidates which will help you to clear any confusion.

What does a Marketing Intern do?

The marketing Intern is responsible for helping the Manager with various tasks such as preparing proposals and surveying customers. They also research opinions on different topics, determining how those things may impact their company’s business Ideas. They will handle social media platforms that can influence Customer opinion about the products that the company makes. Job Vacancy .

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Intern?

A marketing intern’s main duties are to handle the company’s services/products via different means/project tools to collect the various statistical data and analyze the outcome data and conduct various tests like survey campaigns and customer opinion polls which are hereafter evaluated according to the various gained market trends. The marketing Interns are also responsible for the various Trends and social campaigns which are working perfectly according to the plan and gather as much meaning as a possible insight to the designated given teams which is for companies’ future evaluation and research.

What makes a good Marketing Intern?

In order to be a good marketing intern all the candidates should posse’s following things such as good verbal as well as written communication skills, in addition to that, a marketing intern should be well versed in the communication language used by the company’s branch that a candidate Is working on. A marketing intern should also be attentive and well aware of the technology used by the company and should be updated with the latest technology that is used in the market for proper knowledge regarding various marketing applications and software and project management applications. Job Vacancy .

Who does a Marketing Intern work with?

The marketing Intern is a candidate who could be assigned to any given team within the marketing department of the company sales, planning, product research, customer representative, and many more related to Marketing. Individual monitor and marketing experts will be assigned to any team for understanding various things like the culture and working process of that team position, and they will be closely monitored by the team supervisors. Job Vacancy .

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