Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company

Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company

Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company

Table of Contents, a famous bodybuilding company looking for salesman which is a growing online business company based in NY that offers its employees the best pay, insurances, holiday, and time for recreation. Recently, the company has announced the need of a sales representative for the promotion of its protein powders, dumbbells, vitamins, artificial omega acids which are 99.9% efficient and healthier here in Nepal, the company gives following details about the job requirements and the workplace. Get More Jobs.

About the workplace: As mentioned earlier, is a health care and bodybuilding company that provides the best service and products for your body to be in proper shape. It also cares about your well-being and physical health and is known for the best gym workout routine and supplements. Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company.

  • Body is a multinational-reputed brand.
  • They believe in it.

The Position: The company is looking for a sales representative with efficient skills. They promise to provide you a monthly salary of 5 digits. Probably about NRS. 60,000 to 70,000. Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company.

  • They provide 10 lakh life insurance for you until 10 years.
  • They also provide you 30-days paid holiday.


  • Must be at least BBA passed out with remarkable percentage or equivalent
  • Or can also have qualified certificate on market management
  • Should have taken extra marketing pieces of training except for university certificate
  • Must be in good shape (if not then you are given 1 or 3 months to be in proper shape)
  • Should have at least ½- to 2-years of experience as a sales representative
  • Must have the ability to speak Nepali, English and Hindi fluently
  • Should be a good communicator
  • Should know to drive a motorbike or delivery van
  • Should love traveling (because you must travel from one place to another in search of new deals every single day)
  • Should be honest and hard-working


  • As a candidate, you must frequently find new customers and dealers at a better price.
  • Must go to different places and find deals there.
  • Collect monthly payments from customers and dealers

The Location: Body is based in NY. Its Nepal branch is in BRT, Province no. 1

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  • You are getting all types of a good insurance for 10 years. It means you have a secure future.
  • You are getting well paid. 60,00 to 70,000 comes under high paid jobs.
  • You have to work in limited hours
  • You will get more extra training time-to-time. It means you will constantly get opportunities to enhance your workability.

Salesman Needed In Bodybuilding Company

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