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Seasonal work Visa in the UK

Seasonal Work Visa in the UK 2024 – Apply Online. People from all over the world can come to work in the UK with a UK seasonal visa. If you are interested and the United Kingdom is your ideal country, you should apply as soon as possible. The application process for UK seasonal visas from Nepal is updated in this article today.

UK seasonal visa is a temporary working visa. The United Kingdom government provides it. People around the globe are eligible to apply for a seasonal work visa for employment in horticulture and farming for a maximum of nearly six months.

Process of applying for a UK seasonal work visa from Nepal

You require a curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter, which should be included in the company’s email if you want to apply for a UK seasonal visa. You will either receive a call or a letter after the company receives your mail and decides whether to choose you. They will also mail you a sponsorship certificate. You may now apply for a visa and go to the UK.

VISA FEE/Application fee: £259

It will be relatively simple for you to travel to the UK if you have a sponsor there. Therefore, having a sponsor there is ideal. You may apply for a visa up to three months prior to the day you will be scheduled to begin employment in the UK.

The following paperwork must be submitted when you apply for a UK seasonal work visa:

  • The certificate of the sponsorship reference number will be provided to you by your sponsor.
  • A valid password that will prove your identity (or nationality).
  • Your property evidence to ensure you can support yourself during your stay over there.

You won’t need to disclose your bank balance if your sponsor promises to handle your finances during the first month of your stay in the UK.

Dos and Don’ts:

Within 14 days of the work start date, or as soon as your visa is valid, you can go to the UK. You can stay for about six months, according to the rule. Being there is pointless because your stay there will only be temporary and last up to 6 months.

You are not allowed to do a job other than that mentioned in your Certificate of Sponsorship. Getting public funds or taking your family members is strictly prohibited.

Make sure to include a cover page and an eye-catching CV. If you’re lucky, the employer will accept you and contact you by phone or mail.

Salary Update:

Minimum pay is required for seasonal workers with visas. Thus, the “National Living Wage” for individuals over the age of 23 is £9.50 per hour, a little less for those between the ages of 21 and 22, and £6.83 for those between the ages of 18 and 20.

Additional Information:

Additionally, because the Seasonal Worker visa is a sponsored route, an applicant must be provided by a licensed sponsor firm in order to submit an application. Since the Home Office oversees sponsors, this procedure gives an extra degree of confidence that the employees are being paid the necessary amount and treated equitably in accordance with the employment rules.

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Seasonal Work Visa in the UK 2024 – Apply Online

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