Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer. Hi, bro or sis! What’s up? What’s going in-home quarantine these days, hmm? Let me guess, uhm probably you are at home with your family. Many of you are working on your fitness goal you set this year. Most of you are probably enjoying yourself with your partners. You may be making delicious dishes and having with your family. Also, some of you may be starving because you are jobless due to COVID-19. Besides, some of you may be in bad times because you are not getting paid due to COVID-19. Am I right? Yes, of course, I am. This is the normal quarantine life.

But do you know? There are still many professions you can be engaged in this quarantine if you are starving being a jobless king of your family. You can do many online jobs that can pay you extra. Similar to those jobs, today I have brought you a new skill you can learn and earn extra for your family this quarantine. However, this skill is not easy to learn in a short period of time. But who knows how long this is going to end?

So, talking about this new skill which will pay you better, it is often coined as social media influencing. A person who does social media influencing is called as a social media influencer. The term ‘Social media Influencer’ is self-explanatory. A social media influencer mainly focuses on writing reviews and building content on different products and services. They do all these by utilizing social media platforms and express their views and opinions on different products of a company as well as service, they also provide a comparison of different products of different companies. They take charge of those companies whose products they are going to write about.

Actually, the studies show that more than 3 billion people which is about 42% of the world’s population actively use social media. Also, it is found that 74% of the people who use it, decide their purchase on the basis of online reviews and opinions. So, this is the golden platform to gain billions of customers for a manufacturer or business person. And, moreover, this work is perfectly accomplished by the social media influencer.

In fact, social media influencers are normal people. They are the representative of people who makes a review on any products or services available in the market on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. These reviews and comments are seen by general people to choose the right products for them.

But you may be wondering how to be a social media influencer? What are the scopes of Social media influencers in Nepal? Well, that is not a great deal. For simplicity, you can easily create a YouTube channel and post vlogs, informative videos, and content. You can deal with any of the local business companies or manufacturers and create decent reviews on their manufactures.

In addition, you can even post on Facebook and Instagram about the goodwill and features of their products. This will enhance your popularity in your society as well as end you up with more money. Social media influencing is similar to digital marketing, too. But actually, it relates to affiliate marketing where social media influencers get paid for each new customer or subscriber or click, they obtain for them.

Now, you must be thinking how the hell does this actually work, right? Well, you already know that many people rely on social media platforms for purchasing different products. So, this is a core advantage for a social media influencer. They make the market strategy and start writing content about any brands. This will create a good or a bad impact on customers about the related particular product with a brand. The more useful and honest content they develop, the more viewers they gain.

If the Social media influencers get more viewers than they start getting contracts from those brands. Now, they have to highlight all the features of the brand products. They have to make a good impact on customers for that product. A good impact on customers will gradually increase the profit and cash flow of that particular brand. The brand will start being more popular on a wide range and will get more profit. For this, social media influencers are paid highly. Their wages can mark a score of $300,000 per year. In Nepal, this amount is about Rs. 25,00,000 per month. Just imagine your lifestyle as a social media influencer.

But, wonder how could you be one of them. To be a social media influencer in Nepal, firstly you ought to set up channels in social media platforms. In social media platforms like Facebook where there are more than 2.2 billion viewers, YouTube where there are 1.3 billion viewers, you must start publishing your content in a particular niche. This is the initialization.

After initialization, you must start using your networks. Your networks will take you to your destination. To earn you must need your works to be highlighted and must be in the eyes of the brand owners. If your works are not considered by the brand owners, then you won’t get any payment. So, in order to get your efforts considered by them, you must have owned a good network. Your network will ensure that your work reaches those people. And now you are ready to work for them.

So, guys and girls, this was the basic information about social media influencer. You could be glad to know that you are not obliged to move physically to do this job. You can work from home, online, or also as a freelancer. Besides, this COVID-19 situation you can explore a new way of earning and living a decent livelihood. You can also take a glance at how to be a social media influencer. There is a detailed process of how to be a social media influencer in this article mentioned.

Moreover, being engaged in this job will make the time which you waste by scrolling news feed in your home meaningful.

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