Job Vacancy In USA – Baby Sitter

Job Vacancy In USA - Baby Sitter

Job Vacancy In USA – Baby Sitter

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Job Vacancy In USA – Baby Sitter. A baby has just got born in a rich family in the US, New York. They have said that they were too busy in their business and need a babysitter to look after their infant child and the mother. They are looking for a person who can give the best postnatal care to both the child and the mother.

The father of the child describes the requirements of the jobs as follows.

Requirements for the job:

Gender: Female

Qualification: +2 pass or intermediate

Additional requirements: Must be able to peak politely, must be a child lover, know how to massage properly, know how to cook, how to look after children properly, must be honest and hard-working.

Job Vacancy In USA – Baby Sitter

Roles of the job

As a baby sitter, the candidate must be able to do the following task in the home.

  1. Ensure child safety:

Parents expect that children will be under the watchful eye of the sitter at times. You must make sure that the child is safe at home. Also, while out and about walking you must make the infant safe.

  1. Make snacks and meals:

Since the infant and the mother are so weak and unable to prepare meals and snacks, it is your responsibility to prepare them. You must be able to make healthy snacks for the baby and the mother. You must make soft and sweet meals or them. Since they need nutritious food you need to make nutritious food too.

  1. Give a cool message:

As the baby and the mother need proper physical care, as a babysitter you must be able to give a good massage two times a day.

  1. Help with diapers:

You know children cannot change their diapers on their own. So, their stinging diapers should be changed.

  1. Administering medicine:

The immunity power of a newly born baby is not remarkable. So, make sure you take the proper consultation of the doctor from the parents and follow it.


The salary is negotiable. Although you can get $10 per day. According to your work efficiency, your salary may be increased or decreased.

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