Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

So, after a lot of effort and hard work you are now ready for your interview, and now you are wondering about the plausible question that may be asked in the interview. You are right if you agree that it is essential to be well-set to respond effectively to the questions your employer will typically ask. You may be surprised to know that these typical questions are very common in any kind of interview. You may prepare for these questions in advance so that you blow up your reward percentage. So, here you read some common interview questions and how to tackle them. Also, you may read the best techniques for a successful interview.

Question number oneTell me about yourself

The first common interview question and the purpose of this question is to know why you are perfect for the job. The interviewer wants to know why did you post for this job and confirm that if you are the perfect match or not?

How to tackle?

Firstly, while answering the question, you start by sharing your interest and hobbies without relating it to your work. It is like saying about your childhood, your educational status during school and what is the thing that will motivate you in your work. You may share some of your weaknesses that do not affect your work and show your personality to make your interviewer interested in you.

Question number two: Why should we hire you?

This question is the most common interview question which has a query if you are the best person for the job. If you are asked this question, remember your interviewer wants to know about your qualification, skills, and mindset whether you have them in the required amount or not. Be sure you say exactly why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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How to tackle

You ought to display your persona and professional integrity. Firstly, you make light on your qualification for a particular job. Secondly, make your work experience known to your interviewer. Say about your best experiences and works when you had during that job before you applied here. Do not forget to say your greatest professional achievements, which makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

Question number three: what is your greatest strength?

Just look at the question. The ‘is’ in the question only asks you about that one strength, that one ability you have that will make you stand out from all the other candidates. Do not talk about all of your abilities until your interviewer asks, ‘what are your greatest strengths?’

How to tackle

In this question, you may talk about your intellectually or passion towards your profession. You may show how committed you are to the company, and you are ready to give anything to add a margin for the company. If you want to be apart from others, you ought to talk about the special course or training you took and the skill you acquired through that. You must also talk about how did that helped you in achieving your greatest professional achievement.

Question number four: what is your greatest weakness?

This another common interview question that is sure to be asked in your interview. Through this question, your interviewer wants to know what flaws do you have. This is done so that he/she knows the possible mistakes you may commit during your work.

How to tackle 

è Work with your words here. Frame your answers in such a way that your weakness does not even look like weakness. Explain your best positive skills, turning it into weakness. Or simply, you can describe your weakness that has nothing to do in your job. You can also share some weakness that you have conquered and how had you got rid of that stuff. You can say about the steps you took to correct your weakness and so on. But never give more information and stay only on your weakness, rather say something that will win over your weakness.

Question number five: Why do you want to leave your current job?

Upps! This might be difficult for you to answer because many things are related to it. But you have to answer this question in any circumstances, at any kind of job interview you are going on. This is the most common interview question to be asked by interviewers to know how committed you were for your ex workplace. The interviewer also wants to know why do you want to join his company. Thus, this question might put you in the red zone if you don’t answer correctly. Especially, if you talk anything trash about your ex-company. So, let’s see how to tackle this one.

How to tackle 

When asked this question, talk about your future with that company. Talk about your difficult circumstances. Do not forget to talk about how committed you were, and you will be in the future. And remember not to talk anything bad or against your ex workplace.

Question number six: Tell about your salary expectations

This is also the common interview question, however the salary may not be asked everywhere. It is so because mostly the salary is already marked in the advertisement for a job made by the company. However, if you are asked this question then you can tackle by following ways.

How to tackle 

While saying about your price, it is best to not overprice. Overpricing yourself makes you look greedy and knock you out of the competition. Also, do not underprice, else you have to do more work in less price.

Question number seven: Why do you want this job?

This is another common interview question that is fixed to be asked in your interview. This question is asked so that your interviewer know what you know about this job and company. Besides, this question demands the answer to ‘why you are fit for this job?’

How to tackle

This is a golden opportunity to express your knowledge about your job responsibility and the company. You have to do research on the company and the job before you come into the interview. You have to show the passion and your skill that is the key factor for the job. Be very specific about what makes you fit for that job, and also mention the aspects of the company related to your job that captivates you the most.

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